Bushwick Farms

Bushwick Farms


November 5 – December 18, 2005

We are a collaborative team who have been traversing America for the past four years in a 1979 Ford pick up truck and a 1968 travel trailer.

During this time we have created a tangible fiction that revolves around a family farm, which sponsors a traveling variety show. Blurring the boundaries between various mediums including photography, performance art, theater, interactive installation, and constructed mythologies, we attempt to make our conceptual narrative real. References include reality television, traveling tent shows, vintage erotica, cottage industry, and otherworldly existences. Bushwick Farms exists in the space between illusion and truth, whatever is imagined becomes real and whatever is real exudes the dreamlike qualities of imagination.

Tara Cuthbert and Stuart Solzberg are a married couple obsessed with actualizing the history and genealogy of a conceptual company they created named Bushwick Farms. They created this company while living in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, an area known for its desolate industrial landscape. They began to construct an elaborate history and family tree, weaving their personal dreams and fantasies into the narrative of Bushwick Farms.

In 2001, they rented a 15ft truck and moved all of their belongings into a storage unit in Albuquerque, New Mexico.They purchased a pick-up truck and travel trailer, which they transformed into a mobile studio/home. They placed large white vinyl letters on both sides of the trailer that read BUSHWICK FARMS. Intrigued by the notion of blending fact and fiction, they began to live as Joe Rotto and Violet Gray. Joe Rotto is the youngest of three sons of the Bushwick family and manages The Traveling Variety Show, which is sponsored by Bushwick Farms. As written in the history of Bushwick Farms, Joe and Violet began to travel America recruiting performers for their Traveling Variety Show.

Bushwick Farms has presented The Traveling Variety Show in spaces ranging from parking lots and RV parks to Contemporary Art Centers throughout America. Components of the show have been exhibited in conjunction with Santa Fe Center for Photography and Rose Gallery. Cuthbert and Solzberg have been Artists in-Residence at The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, The MacDowell Colony, and Visual Studies Workshop. In 2005 they were awarded a grant from the Nevada Arts Council.