PR: Photography Now 2012

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Photography Now 2012

Photography Now 2012

Opening reception: March 10, 2012, from 5-7pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-5pm and by appointment

The Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) is pleased to announce Photography Now 2012, juried by Natasha Egan, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago.

This years’ installment of the annual Photography Now exhibition presents nine artists, including one collaborative pair, who all employ photography to put forth a varied discourse. Their work ranges from investigations of the mediums’ materiality to intimate inquiries on familial relationships to personal documentary projects which examine the interaction between landscapes and the people who inhabit them.

Affected by the events of 9/11 and inspired by Don DeLillo’s novel Falling Man, Bobby Davidson (Brooklyn, NY) creates images that transform a simple gesture like paper falling from the sky into something otherworldly, ethereal and softly tragic.

Together Jason and Jesse Pearson (Stewartville, MN), identical twins who collaborate under the moniker Dick and Wayne construct a shared autobiography and eclectic exploration of the self. Framed and seen through the window of family and personal history, their work focuses on the depiction of certain aspects of male culture that are both beautiful and grotesque.

Utilizing the exteriors of institutionalized buildings as a metaphor for feelings of uneasiness, rejection, and isolation, Juan Fernandez’s (Highwood, IL) architectural photographs create odd moments within a landscape of heightened form, structure, and order to examine the perception of natural and artificial environments.

The series Wise Blood by Martha Fleming-Ives (Brooklyn, NY) examines the photographer’s father, a Congregational minister. In her intimate images of him, both at work and at home, Ives reflects upon the shifting significance of family and religion in our contemporary culture.

Deploying a sociological approach and the codes of performance-based self portraiture, Katie Shapiro (Los Angeles, CA) places herself and her partner in National Parks from the Channel Islands to Big Bend, with tongue-in-cheek costumes and cowboy-like poses to match as they progress towards Texas.

Working conceptually, Jon-Phillip Sheridan (Richmond, VA) uses the act of folding and unfolding paper to investigate the material surface of the photographic print and heighten its value as an object, creating images which constantly shift between the banality of their materiality and the spectacle of their illusion.

Motohiro Takeda (Brooklyn, NY) has created a photographic homage to his late grandfather and the house in the Tokyo countryside that he resided in. Printed so dark that the details are difficult to make out, Takeda’s work meditates on the ephemeral and transient nature of time and memory.

An inveterate traveler, Terri Warpinski (Eugene, OR) was struck by the transformations of the “no man’s” landscape at both the US-Mexico border and Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. Her multi-paneled images illustrate the seams that now divide these lands and question the use of symbolic power at these loaded sites.

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The Director of the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College Chicago, Natasha Egan has organized numerous international and national exhibitions including The Road to Nowhere? for the FotoFest 2010 Biennial: Contemporary U.S. Photography. She has contributed essays to such publications as Brian Ulrich: Copia (Aperture, 2006) and Michael Wolf: The Transparent City (Aperture, 2008). Egan also teaches in the Photography and Humanities departments at Columbia College Chicago and juries national and international exhibitions.

Photography Now 2012 will run in conjunction with Canaries, a solo exhibition of the work of Thilde Jensen. CPW asks that those attending both openings reception on March 3, 2012 refrain from wearing fragrances which can trigger MCS (see Canaries press release for more information.)

CPW invites groups and individuals to schedule tours and gallery talks of the exhibition and facility.

This exhibition and its related programs have been made possible in part with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency, with support from Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.