2016 Photography Workshops


The Center for Photography is the perfect setting to learn, explore and be inspired. Sign up for a weekend workshop, or join us for lectures. During the summer and fall The Center for Photography is buzzing with activities and creative energy when national and international renowned photographers and artists come to Woodstock to teach. Learn in small-group settings with others who share your love and interest in photography.

Take the time to explore, experiment, learn new techniques, problem solve, reflect and re-energize. CPW is located in the heart of the world’s best known Colony of the Arts, in the bucolic setting of the Mid-Hudson Valley. See what Woodstock, NY is all about and discover a new photography vision in the process.

The 2016 Woodstock Photography Workshops are taught by masters of the field, such as Wayne Montecalvo, Joan Barker, Juan Madrid, Laura Steele, Craig Barber, John Mannion, Jeff Rich, Lothar Osterburg, Doug Beasley, Jeannette Rodriguez Pineda, Tom DeLooza, Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison, Pipo Nguyen-duy, Morgan Post, Carla Shapiro, Kelli Connell, Gregory Halpern, Lola Flash, Scott McCarney, Amy Arbus, Ariel Shanberg & Carlos Loret de Mola, Gabriel Garcia Roman, Alan Rapp& David Maisel, Doug Menuez, Lawrence McFarland, Dawoud Bey & Hannah Frieser.

MEMBERSHIP: CPW Members receive a discount on all classes. Unsure if your membership status is current? Contact us to ensure you receive discounted rates on workshops.

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2016 Woodstock Photography Workshops at-a-glance…

MAY Workshop information links
20-22 Wayne Montecalvo Fusing Media: Photography & Encaustic
28-29 Joan Barker Intro to DSLR: Getting to Know Your Camera
28-29 Juan Madrid  Intro to Lightroom
3 Laura Steele Intro to Fine Art Digital Printing
4-5 Laura Steele Advanced Fine Art Digital Printing
3-5 Craig Barber The Seductive Nature of the Hudson Valley
11 John Mannion* The Art of Prepress for Photo Books
25-26 Jeff Rich Starting & Sustaining a Long-Term Project
5-7  Lothar Osterburg  Photogravure
8-10 Lothar Osterburg Photogravure
9-10 Doug Beasley* Zen & the Art of Photography
18-21 Jeannette Rodriguez-Pineda YOUNG ARTIST: Photozines & Me
22-24 Tom DeLooza Collodion, Cameras & Contraptions
30 Juan Madrid Digital Workflow & Scanning
31 Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison Your Portfolio: Confluence of Art & Message
6-7  Pipo Nguyen-duy* Stepping into the Landscape
6-7 Morgan Post Digital Negatives Intensive
13-14 Carla Shapiro Ripped, Glued, Stained
20-21 Kelli Connell* The Portrait: How We See Others
27-28  Gregory Halpern* Expanded Documentary: The Wonderful and Troubled Relationship of Photography and Realism
8/29-9/1 Lola Flash YOUNG ARTISTS: The Camera as Your Weapon
2-4 Scott McCarney Book Binding for Photographers
3-4 Amy Arbus* The Personal Narrative
10-11 Ariel Shanberg &
Carlos Loret de Mola*
Getting Known Being Shown
16-18 Gabriel Garcia Roman* Photography in the Face of Printmaking
17-18 Alan Rapp &
David Maisel*
Publishing a Photo Book
24-25 Doug Menuez* Art & Commerce: Feed Your Soul & Your Family
1-2 Lawrence McFarland* Poetic Expanse: Land & River
8-9 Dawoud Bey*
& Hannah Frieser
Refining Your Creative Vision: Going From Good to Great
 * Photography Lecture Series

Past Workshop Leaders

Sam Abell
Craig J. Barber
Dawoud Bey
Ruth Bernhard
Dan Burkholder
Debbie Flemming Caffery
Keith Carter
Elinor Carucci
Linda Connor
Judy Dater
Bruce Davidson
Dan Estabrook
Robert Farber
Donna Ferrato
Larry Fink
Sally Gall

Ralph Gibson
David Hilliard
George Holz
Christopher James
Ed Kashi
Michael Kenna
Robert Glenn Ketchum
Mark Klett
Bobbi Lane
Sally Mann
Mary Ellen Mark
Steve McCurry
Duane Michals
Richard Misrach
Andrea Modica
Arnold Newman
Elizabeth Opalenik

Sylvia Plachy Platon
Lilo Raymond
Eugene Richards
Ernestine Ruben
Maggie Steber
Jock Sturges
Joyce Tenneson
Deborah Turbeville
Jerry Uelsman
Alex Webb
Rebecca Norris Webb
William Wegman
Cole Weston

…and many more!