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on view: April 5 – June 15, 2014
opening reception: Saturday 5-7pm, April 5, 2014

The Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) is pleased to announce Photography Now 2014 juried by Julie Grahame, Publisher of aCurator online magazine and associated blog.

This years’ installment of the annual Photography Now exhibition presents eight international artists, who approach the medium of photography in a wide range of directions.  Writing about her approach to this year’s selection of photographers, Julie Grahame observes, “For this year’s installment of Photography Now, I sought out thoughtful series that demonstrated a different perspective to that which I regularly see. Each one of those selected is a little twisted.

Combining the visual languages of art and science in her series In-Sight, Linda Alterwitz (Las Vegas, NV) creates eerie dreamscapes of the invisible body navigating familiar landscapes through the combination of P.E.T. scans, M.R.I.’s, radiographs and sonograms which have been given to the photographer by friends, family members, and others.

Marcus DeSieno (North Port, FL) combines high-tech optics with the antiquarian to explore parasitic animals in his series Parasites.  Filled with wonder and the dread of confronting one of the artist’s personal fears, the resulting images allow these once microscopic creatures to confront the viewer on a one-to-one scale.

This marks Israeli photographer Natan Dvir‘s (NYC) second appearance in CPW’s annual Photography Now exhibition, having earlier been included in Photography Now 2009. In his series Coming Soon, Dvir explores the evolving “branding of the cityscape” . Through playful combinations and stark dichotomies, Dvir explores our visual relationship to the public/commercial environments we live in.

Romy Eijckmans (Brussels, Belgium) captures the light of fireflies in her series Living Light (Lampyridge) through a camera-less process in which the fireflies’ luminescence is recorded directly on to photographic film. By creating an alternative way of seeing the natural world, she seeks to reinstill a harmonious sense of connection for the viewer with nature.

Thomas Jackson (San Francisco, CA) creates work inspired by the complex realm of self-organizing ‘emergent’ systems found in the natural world that is the locus of his series Emergent Behavior. Taking inspiration from termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish, and flocking birds, Jackson constructs sculptures from unexpected materials and places them in unlikely places to invite fresh interpretations of everyday phenomena.

Originally from Seoul, Korea Jung S. Kim (River Edge, NJ) revisits Korean folk tales in the series Circle II. Casting herself in a wide range of characters, Kim brings her own take on them in each portrait, intentionally twisting the characters either extremely beautifying/denigrating them or mocking them through caricature, and thus complicating the simple dichotomy of good and evil and the clear-cut moral message that the good always win.

William Miller’s (Brooklyn, NY) images emerged from of the remnants of an abandoned one. Frustrated by the tensions he found between analog negative film and digital scanning process in his work, Miller discovered that in liberating his film from its role as a vessel for photographic memory – by physically altering his negatives, and then re-seeing the folded, crumpled, and sliced surfaces through the scanner’s digital eye – they articulate their simultaneous destruction and rebirth, evoking a spirit image hovering over its latent body.

As an Iranian woman, Farideh Sakhaeifar (Brooklyn, NY) would not normally be able to access these individuals for the portraits made in her series Workers where it not for her belonging to the Iranian upper class. Yet though the scenario in which these images are made is through an assertion of power, she places the power of taking the photograph in the hand of her subjects.


Julie Grahame is the publisher of aCurator.com, a full-screen photography magazine, and the associated aCurator blog, named one of the ten best photo sites by the British Journal of Photography and one of Life.com’s top 20. She is also the editor for Photography&Architecture.com, and represents the Estate of Yousuf Karsh. Born in London, England, Grahame emigrated in 1992 to manage the New York office of a photo syndication agency representing 400+ photographers and collections. She is a contributing writer for Photo District News’ magazine Emerging Photographer.


CPW invites groups and individuals to schedule tours and gallery talks of the exhibition Photography Now 2014.

Top Image: detail ©Thomas Jackson, Cups No.2, 2013, archival pigment print, Ed #3/9, 30×38”

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