Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott, "Snake Rocks Pond", 2009, archival inkjet print mounted on aluminum, 4.5x9.13”

Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott, “Snake Rocks Pond”, 2009, archival inkjet print mounted on aluminum, 4.5×9.13”

Snake Rocks Pond, 2009, archival inkjet print mounted on aluminum, 4.5×9.13”

Yva Momatiuk & John Eastcott

Ever since we were children, we looked at the natural world around us – a field of shimmering grass in the evening light, a cloud in the clear sky, a sapling sprouting from a rocky crevice, a bird suspended in the fierce wind – and thought how perfect and fascinating it all was. Today, experiencing the same sense of wonder, we use our cameras to capture the state of grace nature offers us with the belief that people who are deeply touched by it will protect it unfailingly. As we seek out the best angles, lights, and shadows, we explore what we see with such intensity that all else disappears. This is the place for us. We do not want to be anywhere else. We are visual beings savoring the poetry and meaning of nature, forever hungry for more.

Yva Momatiuk and John Eastcott (Hurley, NY), a wife and husband team, are drawn to the beauty of the natural world. Born in Poland, Momatiuk holds a MA degree in architecture and urban planning. After working as a designer for the New York firm of Harrison & Abramovitz for seven years, she left Manhattan for a Wyoming cattle ranch near the Great Divide, where she rode horses, photographed, wrote. A New Zealander, Eastcott earned his degree in photography in London and met Momatiuk while touring the American West. They soon decided to share their photographic credits and embarked on the first of many magazine stories for National Geographic, Smithsonian, National Wildlife, Ranger Rick, Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Geo, BBC Wildlife, Stern, The Observer, Wildlife Conservation, Equinox, and Nature Canada.

They have been the recipient of awards from the Alaska Conservation Foundation, the National Press Photographers Association’s Pictures of the Year competition, and BBC Wildlife’s Photographer of the Year international contest.Momatiuk and Eastcott have published four books, High Country (1980), Mustang (1996), This Marvelous Terrible Place: Images of Newfoundland and Labrador (1998), and In a Sea of Wind: Images of the Prairies (1991), as well as two children’s books, Face to Face with Wild Horses and Face to Face with Penguins, both published in 2009 for the National Geographic Society.