Yumiko Izu, "Faraway 25, 2012", 2012, platinum palladium print, Edition of 10, 14x11 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Yumiko Izu, “Faraway 25, 2012”, 2012, platinum palladium print, Edition of 10, 14×11 inches. Courtesy of the artist.

Yumiko Izu

As I await the end of my camera’s lengthy exposure, I hear—or, perhaps, imagine — the faint echo of bones stirring, their essence emerging. Arrested in dull illumination, the skull of the giraffe reveals its refined outline and the vacant expanse of eye sockets. Bones, bleached by the years, scarred with numberless cracks and clefts. Particles of dust, minute and white, stirred by a vagrant breeze. Beneath the crystalline surface, a helical ocean, twisted like a shell, is buried out of view. The mysteries of existence silently congeal in a brittle, enticingly beautiful carapace.

Holding my breath, I attempt to follow and entrap the subtle residue of life within. In an instant, it is apparent that I, the observer, have become the observed. Fragments of a dead animal’s memory, lost to time; myself, the gatherer of those fragments. The murmur of a continental plain, the scent of rain-moistened soil. A horizon lit at dawn, the dazzle of stars in spring. Each layer of our universe is penetrated by the transparent particles of time. And, at the distant terminus of time and space, life and death—embraced in my peaceful reverie—are reversed, rearranged, become one.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Yumiko Izu (Red Hook, NY) received her diploma of photography from Visual Art School in Japan and her Bachelor of Arts from Brooks Institute of Photography in California. In 1998 she moved to New York City and started working on various assignment of advertising and editorial photography to date. In 2005, she moved to Rhinebeck, NY with her husband Kenro Izu, who ironically is one of the inaugural recipients of the Photographer Fellowship Fund when it was established in 1980.

In 2003 she began to use the platinum/palladium printing process and started ongoing self-project of Secret Garden which has been developed out of an exploration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers.

Yumiko received CPW’s Fellowship in 2007 and was selected by Howard Greenberg, founder of CPW and owner of the Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC. To view her fellowship portfolio, click here.