Yo Imae, "Untitled (March 2008)", from the series "Subtle Perception", 2008, gelatin silver print, 11½ x11½ "

Yo Imae, “Untitled (March 2008)”, from the series “Subtle Perception”, 2008, gelatin silver print, 11½ x11½ “

Yo Imae

“Seeing into darkness is clarity” ñ Tao Te Ching

Perception, manifested through our five senses, is key to our lives. Communication could be described as the exchange of perception, an essential interaction which approaches reality and understanding. Acting as a human being and as a photographer, I seek out direct interactions on the street, meeting and speaking with people face to face. Especially in a digital age, I hope to avoid becoming isolated and less susceptive by engaging with and through the people I meet. My humanity, my camera, everything I have inside and out, are the tools I use to mediate this exchange and convey the value of interaction. I simply want to react and respond to the world as much as possible by using photography to reveal a degree of clarity about what humans perceive, and the connection we make. More than creating images about individuality or the differences among us, I am interested in displaying unity and commonalities as they are realized through a simple interaction.

Yo Imae received his BA from Hosei University in Tokyo in 2005 and a Certificate in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from the International Center of Photography in 2007. His work has been shown internationally at Nikon Salon (Tokyo, Japan), Descubrimientos PHE PHOTOESPANA (Madrid, Spain), the International Center for Photography and the New York Photo Festival (both in NYC), among others. In 2008, Imae received an Honorable Mention for the PX3 Prix de La Photographie and he was a finalist for a Tierney Family Foundation Grant in 2007. His work has appeared in SEKAI Magazine and American Photo, among others.