Yijun Liao , "The Stranger in Her Room", from Stills from Unseen Films series, 2008, c-print, 20x24"

Yijun Liao , “The Stranger in Her Room”, from Stills from Unseen Films series, 2008, c-print, 20×24″

Yijun Liao

This project is a tribute to all the great films I have not seen. I set up scenes that I would like to see in a film. I pretend that these photographs are from real films. In turn, they become films that exist in your mind. In this way, the imagined film is transferred from my mind to your mind with a meaning of its own.

Born in Shanghai, China, Yijun Liao (Brooklyn, NY) received a BS in Educational Technology from the Shanghai International Studies University and an MFA in 2008 in Photography from the University of Memphis. In 2009 her work was awarded by Hey, Hot Shot! and shown at the Jen Bekman Gallery in New York. Her work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo shows as such venues as the 2008 China Lianzhou International Photography Fest in Lianzhou, China; Medicine Factory, Memphis, TN; Shaluohua, Beijing, China; Adam Shaw Studio, Memphis, TN; among others.