Will Lytle

Will Lytle (b. 1986) grew up in the woods of West Hurley and studied at the School of Visual Arts (NYC). His video work involves layering, textual interpolation and a deeply subjective view of life, nature, and human relationships, all marked with a searching melancholy and wistful joy. For this exhibition, Lytle has created Aer/Aure (2010) a tall, out-house shaped video installation, open at a curtained vignette at the top through which viewers are required to insert their heads to see the monitors placed at the base of the installation. The inner walls of the column are populated by various bits of detritus and ephemera – a collection of sentimental objects meant to lend a personality to the inner environment of the piece.

Lytle describes Aer/Aure as thematically playing with the electric line between the natural introversion of the artist and the extroversion necessary to communicate with an audience. The exterior is white and black, sparse, unemotional. The interior is colorful, alive, moving, crowded, warm. The video will be pieced from some archive footage I have shot over the past four years. The audience should be able to come in at any moment and leave at any other one and experience the general arc. An emotional arc, not a narrative one.