Vicki Ragan, "Detail 3", from the "Navigation Project", 1996-2005, archival inkjet print, 20x20

Vicki Ragan, “Detail 3”, from the “Navigation Project”, 1996-2005, archival inkjet print, 20×20

Vicki Ragan

These images are photo collages assembled from maps, charts, NASA images, details of historic aircraft, and silhouettes of human figures. Travel, the study of space, and the methods man uses to find his way, both physically and spiritually, are among the themes explored.

Although the images in this exhibition are printed digitally, they were created the “old fashioned way” with a pair of scissors. The figures were cut out of bits of map, placed on another image, and re-photographed. Each final image is derived from a single black-and-white negative. The original Navigation Project is a permanent installation of 44 photographs created for Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Vicki Ragan has exhibited her photographs in major venues around the world, including Light Gallery in NYC, the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, the Museum of Modern Photography in Tokyo, FotoFest in Houston, the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Southeastern Museum of Photography in Daytona Beach, and the Houston Center for Photography. Her work resides in the permanent collections at the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona, the Brooklyn Museum of Fine Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Art, and the Polaroid Collection. It has also appeared on the covers of Smithsonian Magazine and The British Journal of Photography. Ms. Ragan has published three books: Oaxacan Wood Carving: The Magic in the Trees (1993: Chronicle Books), The Edible Alphabet Book (1996: Bulfinch Press), and Oaxacan Clay (2000: Chronicle). Ragan has received numerous public art commissions, and has a permanent installation of the Navigation series at the Jackson-Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta, GA.