Todd Jordan, "Myriam and Me ( Harlem )", 2002, C-print,  Courtesy Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NYC

Todd Jordan, “Myriam and Me ( Harlem )”, 2002, C-print, Courtesy Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NYC

Todd Jordan

I have been photographing Myriam since 2000 and have learned a lot about myself since. Regardless of how close you are to somebody, I feel the experience of photographing that person, as well as the photos themselves, teach you things that you may never have anticipated. Sharing a common space and time with someone you love is very sacred and by making the choice to share these private moments with the public as well, requires a great deal of trust. Having that trust from someone with such a strong and beautiful presence enables me to explore my photography and our relationship in much more depth. By her willingness to stand in front of my lens, without pretension, and by giving me her true self, she has taught me how I wanted to see all people who would appear in my pictures.

I learned that when trying to make a great photograph of someone, its not about what I can get from a subject, but what I can get that subject to openly give to me. Whether it’s someone you’ve just met or someone you’ve been intimate with for years, when the camera appears, it can feel like an unknown third party. Just as I am willing to reveal Myriam, myself, and the times we share to that unknown, it is ultimately her decision to let that unknown know who she really is and what she really thinks and feels.

Todd Jordan (New York, NY) was born and raised in Kingston, NY and moved to NYC to earn his BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts. He has since shown his work in solo exhibits at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in NYC, where his work is represented, and the Depot Gallery, Nakameguro, in Tokyo, Japan. Group shows include those at the Dactyl Foundation in NYC, ICP in NYC, Sanctuary Artiste in Burlington, as well as the Fotorelief Benefit Auction for Tsunami Victims at Milk Gallery in NYC.