Views from the Tracks: Store/Crossing, cibachrome, 16x20"

Views from the Tracks: Store/Crossing, cibachrome, 16×20″

Thomas Tulis

Thomas Tulis was born in 1961 in Tennessee and studied drawing at Carnegie Mellon. Although this photographer does not write notes to accompany his visual statements, we provide you with some information on the artist from his resume.

The titles of his reviews give us clues: TulisSnaps Icons of the Ordinary and He Focuses on the Dramatic. Tulis‘ work has been published in Aperture (1993/Explorations), and catalogs titled Hope and Passion.

Solo shows, Construction of Suburbia; A Ton of Swank; and Suburbia in the Making, have been held in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Texas; group exhibitions include On the Farm and Shot in the Dark (Frumkin/Adams Gallery, NYC), Pictures from Night and Day, Scenes With and Without Souls (SOHO Photo, NYC), and The South By It’s Photographers (Birmingham Museum of Art).

The Museum of Modern Art, NYC; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta; Detroit Institute of Fine Art; the New York Public Library, NYC; and the New Orleans Museum of Fine Art hold prints by Tulis.