Counting Kernels (Cocospera), 1998, mixed media collage, 9x7"

Counting Kernels (Cocospera), 1998, mixed media collage, 9×7″

Terri Warpinski

Field Studies is my systems – based responses to the land, work which began in 1990. Through deconstruction of the landscape image I reconstruct its meaning, redefine its parts and reevaluate the relationship between the local and the universal. Imagery based in the natural world is imagery of a living system – all parts of the system having equal value. Once you consider things as being part of a system, rather than being independent, no part is seen as dispensable. Everything must be understood within its context. I acknowledge that a landscape is made up of details and that each detail holds meaning.

Through the mixed media collage form of Field Studies, I draw upon the body of knowledge already in existence to provide meaningful connections to the land, tying in concerns of the scientific, social, and humanistic communities. The nature of my creative work and research is heavily inter-disciplinary and inter-media. Images of the land are layered with references to geology, biology, botany, geography, anthropology, history, literature, as well as personal observations and experiences.

These constructions combine many visual forms including drawing, printmaking, paint, text, mapping, photography, digital imaging, and a variety of papers, some handmade appear.