“Twisted Trees”, 2015, 20×20”, from the series “Woodlands”, edition of 10, Archival pigment print



I have spent a significant amount of time in the woods. I have always been — and continue to be — attracted to the visual chaos of that space, especially its light, lines and textures, as well as the sense of peace and inspiration that I find there. For me, shooting in the woods has been a cyclical process, one in which I use the natural world as my photographic raw materials. Although this work can be categorized into several different projects, they all relate to each other to form a larger Woodland series. In this regard, all of the images are shot in black and white with the intention of describing and abstracting the landscape.

The Woodland series follows my relationship, over the years, with light, form, texture, specimens, chaos, overgrowth and place. And as all relationships change through the mechanisms of time and chance, my photographic response to the woods follows this flux in much the same way that forests change over the years through the process of chance and contingency.

For over thirty years Sue Abramson has experimented with both traditional and alternative photographic methods in connection with the environmental landscape. Widely exhibited, her work has been acquired for many permanent collections, including The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Polaroid Corporation, University of Pittsburgh, Biblioteque Nationale, and Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania. Her exhibited work has been nationally and internationally shown. Featured exhibitions include Gestures 15 at the Mattress Factory, Digital to Daguerreotype at The Carnegie Museum of Art, No Mirrors at Rayko Photo Center and Connecting Pittsburgh at Gallerie Nahore, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. She has received awards and commissions from Silver Eye Center for Photography, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, and Pittsburgh Society of Artists. She is Associate Professor of Photography at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.