Stephen Schuster, "The LA River with Rime at Night", 2006, Edition of 3, C-print, 33½ x 42¾"

Stephen Schuster, “The LA River with Rime at Night”, 2006, Edition of 3, C-print, 33½ x 42¾”

Stephen Schuster

The “Rime at the LA River” images are a part of still building series on graffiti writers and their environments. My attraction to vast spaces and clandestine acts are feelings that I’ve taken from Graffiti writing and tried to reapply to my art through picture making. No Body knows the city like the graffiti writer. Obsessed with the secrets of the urban world the writer uses these discarded industrial environments for self promotion and personal exploration. Photographing graffiti writers has been a way of continuing to explore the city’s secret spaces. My series on Brooklyn’s subway tunnels: “Under the Surface” (1999-2004) was a way to capture still, but transient spaces in New York’s underground. The graffiti writer series is a way to capture the individual’s exploration of themselves through these vacant and fleeting environments

Stephen K Schuster was born and raised in New York City. 26 years young Stephen took to photography after a strong interest in NYC’s street art and graffiti scene.  At 23 Stephen began to exhibit work from his “Under the Surface” project, a series on the Brooklyn’s underground subway tunnels and was included in his first two person exhibition at the Brooklyn Public Library . Since then, Stephen has gone on to exhibit work in Chelsea and later in Berlin, as a part of a major international street art exhibition.

Stephen is one of the founding curators for the Humble Arts Foundation (a foundation dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to emerging fine art photographers). Stephen was the Director of Photography at Mass Appeal Magazine for two years until its close in the spring. Presently, Stephen is a freelance art photographer who is working on a four year long project on NYC high school kids and their coming of age in the New York City.