Stacy Renee Morrison, "Revelation", 2006, Edition 1 of 4, C-print, 23x21"

Stacy Renee Morrison, “Revelation”, 2006, Edition 1 of 4, C-print, 23×21″

Stacy Renee Morrison

My photographs invoke a woman’s life, one of which I am incapable of ever truly knowing, but seek longingly in my imagination and the sacred sampling of remnants she left behind.  She was the elder of two girls in a daguerreotype found in a dilapidated leather box, filled with other precious possessions, abandoned in the garbage in front of my building.  Her mortality, saved by the objects that remained, compelled me so deeply; I needed to photograph them all.     

With a name on a calling card and a genealogical quest, my lovely ghost was soon found.  Her name was Sylvia DeWolf Ostrander and she was born in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1841, rendering our birthdates 133 years apart. Through the medium of photography Sylvia and I create this wondrous period of No-When. I visit the homes she lived in, wander her town, spend lengthy amounts of time with her great-granddaughter, wear her clothing and read her journals in order to contemplate and fully realize the woman she once was.  A century of time may separate us physically, but we are entwined, safe, cozy and happily ensconced in our world where time ceases to exist.

Stacy Renee Morrison is a still-life photographer working in and around New York.  She completed her MA at New York University in 2001 and has been teaching for over six years.  Her solo exhibitions have been held at the York Quay Art Centre of the Habourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada and at the Bronfman Gallery, New York, NY.  Morrison has shown her work in several group exhibitions at galleries including the Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA; the Laurie Tisch Sussman Gallery, New York, NY, David Allen Gallery, New York, NY; and the Center for Photography at Woodstock, Woodstock, NY.  A collection of her work is also held at the Center for Photography at Woodstock.  Bristol Historical Society, Roger Williams University, and School of Visual Art, among others, have hosted Morrison as a guest lecturer, and several publications have featured her work, such as Mercury Magazine, The Westerly Sun, and Motif Magazine.