Sigrid Hackenberg, "The Time And The Place", 1999, 21x88” Two-channel video projection installation.

“The Time And The Place”, 1999, 21×88” Two-channel video projection installation.

Sigrid Hackenberg

Born in Barcelona, Spain and raised in Spain, Germany, Canada, Japan, and America, Sigrid Hackenberg has, almost by necessity, created imaginary homelands through her work in video and installation. Her two-channel video projection installation, The Time and the Place was recorded in the Extremadura area of Spain, an arid, harsh landscape dominated by groves of olive trees. The landscape is elongated to over 80 inches transforming the stretch of memory. It is there and intact, held by the simplicity of nature and the human traces remembered and recorded, yet it is distant and pieced together. Hackenberg’s work is an observation of the moments of everyday life; the time and place now preserved personifying her belief that “a spiritual presence in nature, sound, objects, people, and places exists”.

Sigrid Hackenberg currently lives and works in NYC, where she teaches video arts at New York University. She has had exhibits throughout Europe, Asia, and the US, including most recently shows at Marianne Boesky Gallery in NYC and the Contemporary Art Museum of the University of Rome.