Sam Sebren, “Best Moments”, 2007, DVD/video

Sam Sebren

As an artist working in every medium possible, I approach photography as a tool and a source that may stand alone, may be incorporated within another medium, or may provide imagery and inspiration for something else the way a dream or a drawing may become a painting. I never work in a linear manner. Life is not linear and neither is creativity. I try to stay open to any possibility at any moment. A photograph may become a sculpture. A video may be made by Rite Aid. Every single second of life is art.

I find myself amongst a long line of artists who have been seduced by the beauty of the Hudson Valley and who have passionately fought to preserve its unique environs. I find myself interested in making art as a way to evoke poetic reminders about our surroundings. Times have significantly changed since days of the Hudson River School of painting. Sprawl, big box stores & shopping malls, industrial pollution, corporate farming, outdoor advertising, over-development, and overpopulation are all serious threats to the future of our precious area. At a point somewhere between deeply romantic and hilariously misanthropic, I try to notice and capture in completely un-retouched, street-style photos and video why we need to slow down and re-think our priorities (i.e. greed) as a species and as stewards of the planet. We are capable of such unlimited brilliance and benevolence – what are we waiting for?!

Sam Sebren is a multi-media artist based in Athens, NY. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in New York and in Norfolk, Virginia. Sebren’s most recent exhibitions include a performance/action piece for the Whitney Biennial as well as group shows Time’s Up! and America For Sale at Protest Space in New York City.