Sam Falls, "A Portrait of a Woman, Perhaps", 2009, archival inkjet print, 20x20"

Sam Falls, “A Portrait of a Woman, Perhaps”, 2009, archival inkjet print, 20×20″

Sam Falls

My work investigates the relevance of art historical themes while exploring the flexibility of abstraction and appropriation. My manipulation of these images, juxtaposed with my own referential pieces in the studio, moves the objects into the present conversation. Immediately, i’m implicit and so is my autobiography. The dialogue of painting and artifice is very present in every image, as are classical tropes and compositional structures, yet thematically the issues addressed span from the formal, to the political, as well as the personal.

The viewer of photogrpahy, like language, traditionally expects a universal signifier, a qualified meaning. How can we bind art and photography without these semiotic laws? Rather than repeating Roland Barthes’ classic definition of a photograph, “this has been”, I want to say “what do you think of this?”

Sam Falls was born in 1984 in San Diego, California. He recieved his BA in Studio Art from Reed College in Portland, Oregon in 2007 and completed his MFA in Photography from the International Center for Photography — Bard in 2010. He has exhibited at Capricious Space (Brooklyn, NY), and Higher Pictures (New York, NY), among others. His work has appeared in Lay Flat and Dossier. Falls also self publishes his own artists books, which can be found at Dashwood Books, the New Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art Library, all in NYC.