Sally Apfelbaum, Trellis, Ektacolor, 30"x40"

Sally Apfelbaum, Trellis, Ektacolor, 30″x40″


Artist Bio

I’m interested in creating for the viewer the experience of being receptive to the mystery and changeableness of place.  I give the viewer a chance to have an active exchange with what one sees.
Beauty interests me mainly as a means to truly inhabit what we see.

The photograms were made using found objects or ordinary, familiar objects – pie tins, coffee filter baskets, rug beaters, car parts, etc. I picked them for their patterns, for their inherent beauty, and because I thought they would translate well into print.  I used printing out paper – a 19th Century type of photographic paper, no longer manufactured, which I exposed to sunlight to make the image.