Ron Diorio, "Get Away", 2005, digital C-print

Ron Diorio, “Get Away”, 2005, digital C-print

Ron Diorio

The essence of my work is in the rendering of everyday situations to which the fantastic can be attributed, the surreal imagined, and the very real evoked.

In the vastness of city life, I am most inspired by the everydayness of things. I think most people are drawn to cities for the adventure: you get tested, you find yourself, you lose pieces of yourself, all those almost-private moments in public spaces, where solitude rather than loneliness tells the story. Just you and the city, quite a pair: raw, wounded, and unapologetic. In the city the glance, not the stare, evokes a stronger moment, a passing, that morphs into revelation as specificity and detail are removed.

I harvest images, the raw materials, by appropriating the street photographer, mise-en-scene, and cinema verites traditions. I work digitally because its mutability subverts photography’s traditional aesthetic – what once happened to be representational becomes a truly expressive form.

Ron Diorio worked in traditional and alternative collaborative media for twenty years before turning his attention in 2003 to photography and his current solo work. He publishes daily in his image blog, “A Photographic Imagination” and has presented his work in group shows in the United Kingdom, the United States, and on the web. Recently Ron contributed the visual imagery for a collaborative piece with video artist William Hohauser. Ron is the Senior Producer for The Economist online.