Ricardo Morales-Hernandez, "Above That Old House", from the series "Brève Histoire de L'Esprit Saint (The White Pages)", 2010, reclaimed paper, encyclopedia, acrylic, graphite, 8½x13”

Ricardo Morales-Hernandez, “Above That Old House”, from the series “Brève Histoire de L’Esprit Saint (The White Pages)”, 2010, reclaimed paper, encyclopedia, acrylic, graphite, 8½x13”

Ricardo Morales-Hernández

“Brève Histoire de L’Esprit Saint (The White Pages)” is a mixed-media project that re-evaluates the concept of the idea of an unrecognizable and inaccessible god that was presented by the French rationalists in the 18th century. The work responds to the classification of knowledge and questions the contemporary concept of inspiration as the association of ideas. I examine the encyclopedia as an historic medium, as a symbol of “knowledge ruins” and as a metaphor of a post-apocalyptical global landscape and restart. Reflecting the polarization of evident and familiar issues, I use biblical and historical moments to defy the general rational approach of eschatological understanding.

Puerto Rican artist Ricardo Morales-Hernández started his visual experimentation in the 1990’s with biographical, psychological, and social investigations in painting and drawing. Utilizing a variety of media including photography, collage, poetry, painting, video, music, and drawing, his images remake and review history and its artifacts. Morales-Hernández has received scholarships and residencies from the Karrvaz Foundation, New England Biolab Foundation, Arteven-ArteContemporaneo, Instituto de Cultura Puertorrigueña, and Area: Lugar de Proyectos. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

Ricardo Morales-Hernandez was an artist in residence at CPW in 2007.