Regan Avery, "Mirror #106", 2006, from the series "Mirrors", c-print, 16 x 20”, archival inkjet print

Regan Avery, “Mirror #106”, 2006, from the series “Mirrors”, c-print, 16 x 20”, archival inkjet print

Regan Avery

The “Mirrors” series features seascapes that incorporate a mirror, allowing multiple or opposite views of the scene to simultaneously appear. The mirror becomes a window, a door, a wall. The coastline imparts a feeling of being at the edge of the known world, a sense of being able to go no further. To transcend these limitations is to go beyond the natural world and enter into the spiritual one.

In each image, I position a 12×12” flat mirror, like those used by Robert Smithson for his 1969 site-specific work, Displacements. The final image is printed measuring precisely 12×12” on 16×20” paper, referencing the frame-within-a-frame presentation of the photographic plane enclosing a mirror plane.

Mirrors invite us to look for ourselves; yet in these images, the mirror reveals only light or a detail of the scene. The reflections and shadows of unseen elements hint at the existence of a human presence and evoke a sense of temporality. By illuminating the atmosphere and mystery of our experience, I hope to engage the viewer to imagine and appreciate with eyes wide open, the evanescence of life.

Regan Avery (Cos Cob, CT) was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Boston in 1995. She has participated in group exhibitions at the Newspace Center for Photography, Griffin Museum of Photography, Dangenart Gallery and Pen & Brush Gallery among others. She is a recipient of a summer residency at the School of Visual Arts in 2006 and the Vermont Studio Center Residency in 2008. In 2007, Regan received 1st place at PhotoSpiva and 4th place at Photographer’s Forum 27th Annual Spring Photography Contest. In addition, she received an honorable mention at PX3: Prix de la Photographie Paris and Creative Images 2007.