Ratna Khanna, "Untitled (4)", 2012. A/P, Archival inkjet print, 21x14"

Ratna Khanna, “Untitled (4)”, 2012. A/P, Archival inkjet print, 21×14″


Ratna Khanna creates billboards and houses made of mirrors, and situates them in the landscape. She uses the three-dimensional mirror sculptures to articulate two-dimensional images. She employs the landscape as a medium in her explorations of the Hudson Valley, using the mirrors as tools to explore issues of culture, place, and the concept of home.

Based in Rochester, NY, artist Ratna Khanna holds an MFA in Photography and Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and a BFA in Liberal Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She has held positions as a photographer, designer, teaching assistant, photojournalist, artist’s apprentice, studio manager, and photo editor. A recipient of numerous awards and scholarships, her work has appeared in online publications such as Photography Served and Urbanautica, among others.

Ratna Khanna was a CPW Artist-in-Residence in 2012.