Rachel Bee Porter, "The Joy of Cooking #1", from the series "The Joy of Cooking", 2009, c-print, 30 x 40"

Rachel Bee Porter, “The Joy of Cooking #1”, from the series “The Joy of Cooking”, 2009, c-print, 30 x 40″

Rachel Bee Porter

Growing up, I read every home and lifestyle magazine that my mother subscribed to: Martha Stewart Living, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, and Woman’s Day. These magazines, and the information they contained, became the gold standard of what I thought feminine life was supposed to be. Having been steeped in the culture that these magazines proffered, I seek to question why I had these expectations in the first place. My work aims to subvert not only the lifestyles found in the magazines I pored over for years, but to also pervert the language of commercial and editorial photography. My disillusionment with the prospects I once held manifests itself in a playful, yet irreverent, defiance. By creating plausible scenarios that could be seen in the pages of the magazines I continually consumed, and ten deliberately destroying them, I am able to explore the aftermath of imploded ideas and unfulfilled expectations.

Born and raised in central Pennsylvania, Rachel Bee Porter holds a BFA in Professional Photographic Illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing and MFA at Parsons’ The New School for Design.