Peter Garfield, Angel, Gelatin Silver, 69x42", 1994

Peter Garfield, Angel, Gelatin Silver, 69×42″, 1994


Peter Garfield

Artist  Bio

(Brooklyn, New York) photographs axes and hammers flying through stormy skies. His large black-and-white prints are entitled Angels and Annunciations. Thrown up against blustering clouds, the hurtling tools take on the aspect of strange birds in these large prints. Sometimes a bit of landscape at the bottom of the image suggests the irresistible pull of gravity on the sharp or blunt instruments; sometimes the trajectory of the implement is undefined, although its velocity is always implicit. The oddity of the objects’ animation, the titles’ insinuation of divine intervention, the stormy weather, and the implacable knowledge of the tools’ imminent fall to the earth or whatever on the earth is in its path combine to create a feeling of uncanny visitation coupled with impending violence.