Noelle Tan, "A Story Told in Several Parts: The Woods", 2005, gsp, 8x8”

Noelle Tan, “A Story Told in Several Parts: The Woods”, 2005, gsp, 8×8”

Noelle Tan

There are two primary concepts that drive the development of the series,A Story Told In Several Parts (a work in progress) – specificity andambiguity. Existing within an almost neutral palette, certain images present a specific subject, yet they remain ambiguous in context. Other images may simultaneously be both specific and ambiguous in subject, depending on the degree of specificity in the meaning of the image. The degree of specificity can be determined by its context within the series or by the image’s title. 

This series shares a common interest with my previous bodies of work in that it is about the exploration of in-between spaces. However it is also a departure from them in that it is subject–driven. 

Born in the Philippines in 1969, Noelle Tan currently works and lives inWashington , DC . She earned her BFA from New York University and her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. Ms. Tan has shown her work in Boston , LA , NYC, Austin , at venues including the Headlands Centerfor the Arts in San Francisco, the Asian American Arts Center in NYC, Creative Arts Agency in Beverly Hills, Chambers Fine Art in NYC, and Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, also in NYC. Noelle was recently awarded a Creative Capital Grant in 2005.