Nicholas Fedak II, "Adonis Bridegroom".

Nicholas Fedak II, “Adonis Bridegroom”, 2000, positive Kodalith transparency.

Nicholas Fedak II

Nicholas Fedak II a resident of Burbank, California, makes work that has and always will be about memory and how a simple everyday object – like an old photograph – can conjure images and feelings of the intangible past. He begins by re-photographing old family daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, tintypes, cabinet cards, and snapshots. As with memory, parts of the image are replicated and/or fragmented, resembling a “jump-cut” in a film. With his body of work the past is yet to come. His work has been shown at The Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies and the San Diego Art Institute Gallery. Reviews of his images have appeared in the Los Angeles Times and ArtWeek. He currently teaches at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, CA.