"Untitled" from the series "River" 2008, archival inkjet print, 24x30"

“Untitled” from the series “River”
2008, archival inkjet print, 24×30″

Motohiro Takeda

“River” is a photographic homage to my late grandfather and my memories of his family house in the countryside of Japan. The darkness of the prints alludes to the fog of memory and represents a struggle to recall my own childhood at the house. They encourage viewers to look closely as they try to recalls something from their forgotten past. In Japan, the river is a metaphor for the split between life and death, and also the flow of time which never stops. The content of my images is emerged and submerged on the dark surface of the print, just like a memory floating in one’s mind.

Motohiro Takeda (Brooklyn, NY) was born in 1982 in Shizuoka, Japan and moved to New York City at the age of 21 where he obtained his BFA from Parsons The New School for Design. His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions at the Houston Center for Photography (Houston, TX), Daniel Cooney Fine Art, the New York Photo Festival (both in NYC), and at venues across Spain. His solo exhibition of River was presented at Mapamundistas 2010 in Pamplona, Spain in 2010. Takeda was the recipient of Tierney Fellowship Grant in 2008 and his work has appeared in PDN Magazine and Conveyor Magazine, among other publications.