Mikhail Gubin, "Plotters", from the series "Window/Magic Glass", 2009, Giclee print, 16x20"

Mikhail Gubin, “Plotters”, from the series “Window/Magic Glass”, 2009, Giclee print, 16×20″

Mikhail Gubin

It was late and bitterly cold. I was driving back home, dreaming somewhat quicker to go to bed, having wrapped up in a warm blanket. Suddenly, I catch sight of this window and have forgotten about everything. I have forgotten even about my frostbitten fingers (which I got during my military service in Siberia). I had not ceased pressing on a camera button, being afraid to miss even one moment. Thus, this series was born.

As a photographer, I use my camera for creative exploration, whether it be of places, people, or communities; of the natural or social world; of beauty at large or the lack of it; of objective or subjective realities. In all my work I explore and reveal the shadow of humanity by facing it, bringing it to the surface, and on a personal level, finding a way to transform it. I strive to make forms make sense visually and trust that the metaphor, the poetry, will follow.

An artist working in photography, collage, sculpture, painting, & drawing, MIkhail Gubin was born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1953 and received his degree from the Art & Tech College of Zagorsk in Moscow in 1981. Since arriving in New York in 1989, his work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, including the Dalet Gallery (Philadelphia, PA), the Texas Photographic Society (San Antonio, TX), Jamaica Arts Center, the Russian American Cultural Center, and the Queens Museum of Art (NYC), among others. His work has appeared in The New York Times and New York Newsday, as well as the hardcover book, Best of Photography 2009, published by Photographer’s Forum Magazine.