Michael Marshall, "Prayer Flag", 2001, Platinum/Palladium print, 18x18".

Michael Marshall, “Prayer Flag”, 2001, Platinum/Palladium print, 18×18″.

Michael Marshall

I am vexed by the age-old schism of Western thought, sometimes known as Cartesian split. It is that collision of paradigms between faith and empiricism, logic and intuition, embodied by the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In my youth I adopted the doctrine of the church as I was told. As a teen I rejected that ideology for the facts of science, a hypothesis that I could hold as truth through the methodology of my degree in physics. For my hardest questions about life – relationships, intuition, love – science had no answers. Art making has become my road to understanding. My process is based in experience, my images a collection of artifacts. They are a document of what I have discovered, questions, and revelations.

Michael Marshall is currently an assistant professor of photography at the University of Georgia. He received his MFA in photography from Arizona State University at Tempe, studied art and physics at Kenyon College, and taken photography workshops. His work has been shown at the Georgia Museum of Art, the Silver Eye Center for Photography, and Northlight Gallery. Prior to teaching at the University, Michael taught at Maine Photographic Workshops, was a conference coordinator and guest lecturer for Society for Photographic Education (SPE), and served as a teaching assistant at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.