Meghan Boody, "Psyche Enters (#1)", 1999, Lightjet print, custom frame. Courtesy Sandra Gehring Gallery, NYC.

“Psyche Enters (#1)”, 1999, Lightjet print, custom frame, 56¼ x 41½“ Courtesy Sandra Gehring Gallery, NYC. 

Meghan Boody

Meghan Boody exhibits the “imaginary homelands” residing within the territory of the mind. A New York based artist, trained as a photographer, Boody creates elaborate surrealistic, psychologically charged narratives of young girls’ metamorphosis into adolescence. She photographs models and friends who are costumed and posed as symbolic elements for her final compositions, which are composed within the computer and then digitally printed. Psyche and Smut is an ongoing series of large prints arranged like pages from a book which tell the tale of a “proper, well-bred” young girl’s journey into the darkly erotic side of her own self, the struggle for supremacy between the “good twin” and the “evil twin” (id versus ego), and the eventual transformations that both selves undergo in the process of incorporating into one singular soul.” Boody’s allegory of the acculturation of girls into the often restrictive roles that societies ascribe breaks through photography as an instrument of verification, rearranging histories and ultimately clearing the view to reveal simultaneity of events whose origins lie in the use of photomontage within the art movements of Dada and Surrealism.

Meghan Boody has exhibited in NY at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Exit Art, and the Sandra Gering Gallery, and at galleries and museums in Houston, Tx; Milan, Italy; and Santa Monica, Ca, to name a few. Art in America, Time Out New York, the New York Times, and Italian Elle have featured her work on their pages.