Mauricio Quintero, "Calvery_PWL", August 2009, archival pigment print, 40x40"

Mauricio Quintero, “Calvery_PWL”, August 2009, archival pigment print, 40×40″

Mauricio Quintero

This image comes from a series entitled “Painting With Light”, a project thematically structured around nudes, industrial, and environmental landscapes. My goal was to define a new type of imagery I had created in my mind. Through Painting With Light I embraced my vision of creating an artistic, imaginative, dreamy, and unique body of work.

Mauricio Quintero is a Columbian-born photographer raised in New York City. He studied Photography at LaGuardia Community College, utilizing different styles of photography – photojournalism, portraiture and environmental landscape – to focus on the cultural landscape of New York City and its minority inhabitants. Mauricio’s work has been widely exhibited and he has been featured in Antenna Magazine, The Indypendant Newspaper, and Ins & Outs Magazine.