Mark Lyon, "Dr. Wilk D.D.S., Exam Room 1, Instrument Tray", 2010, from the series "Landscapes for the People", archival pigment print, 24x35".

Mark Lyon, “Dr. Wilk D.D.S., Exam Room 1, Instrument Tray”, 2010, from the series “Landscapes for the People”, archival pigment print, 24×35″.

Mark Lyon

The series “Landscapes for the People” looks at the use of romanticized wallpaper landscape photographs found in everyday environments. Set in alternately intimidating or banal locations like dental offices and Laundromats, these wall sized photographic murals seem to serve a psychological function, allowing the viewer a mental escape from nerve-wracking procedures or the mundane activities of everyday life. Wallpaper scenes depict grandiose views of snowcapped mountains, woodland streams, daisy fields, seascapes, and tropical beaches. These are, perhaps, the places we would rather be. They act to heighten our own daydreams with an idyllic panoramic view that envelops our line of sight. The resulting photographs of these locations document the strange play of the functional environment and the idealized psychological landscape.

Mark Lyon (Marlboro, NY) earned his MA at the State University of New York at New Paltz in 2008. His work has been exhibited at Photo Center Northwest (Seattle, WA), Wild Project (New York, NY) and Aperture Foundation (Chicago, IL), among others. Some of his work resides in the private collection of the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art (New Paltz, NY). He was the runner-up of Aperture Foundation’s Portfolio Prize in 2009. He was in the top 50 of Photolucida’s Critical Mass online program. He was a recipient of the Photographer’s Fellowship at the Center for Photography at Woodstock in 2008. His work has been featured and reviewed in publications such as Lotto, Blow Photography, SOUP, and Chronogram, among others.