Marilla Abrahamsen, "Ghost of Waltz", 2010, mixed-media single channel video installation with found objects, 15Ωx15Ω"

Marilla Abrahamsen, “Ghost of Waltz”, 2010, mixed-media single channel video installation with found objects, 15.5×15.5″

Marilla Abrahamsen


A resident of Tannersville, NY, Marilla Abrahamsen (b.1994) has spent much of her social and educational life in Woodstock. Her works have a very particular resonance for loss and abandonment (of both the objects, characters and places filmed) as well as a genuine feel for ritual ‚ not only the rituals of a solitary or isolated youth, but of an individual in a chaotic and decaying world. In her piece Ghost of Waltz (2010), Abrahamsen has created an installation consisting of a cluttered shelf crowded with highly personal, opaque and fetishistic objects. In a central shadow box, a ‘retro’ video monitor plays distorted phantasmagorical images of light and shade, deserted streets, urban decay, waltzing figures under streetlights, and a shrouded couple, blindly wandering along cliff edges ‚ all characters which explore themes of isolation and trust.


Describing her piece, Ghost of Waltz, Abrahamsen states my footage features two gangly teenagers dressed in bed sheets, dancing, dying, and having an almost morbid connection. The footage is focused more on detailing and the movement of figures to produce a longing and discomfort. An array of figures and shadows.