Lupita Murillo Tinnen, "Surrender", from the series "Mourning Sickness", 2008, gelatin silver print, 20x16"

Lupita Murillo Tinnen, “Surrender”, from the series “Mourning Sickness”, 2008, gelatin silver print, 20×16″

Lupita Murillo Tinnen

“Mourning Sickness” addresses my struggle with infertility which began in September 2005. I had never imagined that having a baby would be so much work. I was always under the false impression from my high school sex-ed class and parents, that sexual activity unfailingly leads to pregnancy. Yet, for over 6 million American couples, trying to conceive is an excruciating nightmare, an emotional rollercoaster ride, which is beyond stressful. It’s demanding. It takes every ounce of energy and when it doesn’t happen month after month, year after year, hopeful mothers question womanhood. Moreover, resigning oneself to alternative methods, artificial methods, is disheartening and overwhelming. I never thought I would be one of those women. Accepting the fact that I may remain childless has been the most difficult struggle, the biggest challenge I have ever faced. It felt so much like grief, This work is about the empty feeling and numbness that I felt as I was going through the grieving process.

Lupita Murillo Tinnen received her BA in Photography in 1998 from Texas A&M University and her MFA in 2001 from the University of North Texas. She has shown at venues throughout Texas, including the Dallas Center for Contemporary Arts, The Image Gallery in Longview the Cora Stafford Gallery in Denton, the Houston Center for Photography in Houston and MexiArte Museum in Austin, among others. Additionally, she was a winner of TPS 16: The National Competition, a traveling exhibition juried by Michelle Dunn Marsh of the Aperture Foundation. She was the recipient of the Carol Crow Memorial Fellowship sponsored by the Houston Center for Photography in 2001. Tinnen is currently chair of the Photography and Applied Graphic Design Technology Department at Collin College in Plano, Texas and a board member of the Society for Photographic Education and the Texas Photographic Society.

Lupita Murillo Tinnen was an artist in residence at CPW in 2008.