Liz Wolfe, "Untitled 02", 2003, c-print, 14x33, ed# 2/5.

Liz Wolfe, “Untitled 02”, 2003, c-print, 14×33, ed# 2/5.

Liz Wolfe

My work deals with the process of transforming everyday objects into ultra-feminine icons. Through the employment of obsessive decorative tactics, I create flowery, trashy tableaux to photograph. I refer to this transformative process as “girlification.”

“Girlification” is a tribute to all things cutesy and burlesque. It’s about feminine stereotypes and the craft-ghetto and the portrayal of women in fashion magazines. It addresses current trends in pop culture imagery—most notably, the resurgence of old-school femininity and the growing popularity of ironic porn.

But “Girlification” is also about fun, and the serious role fun plays in our often depressing world. It’s a speck of pink on a desolate landscape; a flower in a garbage dump; a sequin on the cheek of a dying man.

Liz Wolfe lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She first exhibited her work in November of 2003 in Lisbon. Wolfe has upcoming group shows in Moscow, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv and Sydney, and an upcoming solo show at Toronto’s Pikto Gallery this summer. She was recently selected to participate in Artlink’s International Young Art 2004 program, which provides emerging artists with the opportunity to auction work at Sotheby’s.