Letha Wilson, "Skyfall Wallbreak California", 2014 ,uv print on dibond, wood, hole in wall, 96 x 96 x 7/8 inches

“Skyfall Wallbreak California”, 2014 ,uv print on dibond, wood, hole in wall, 96 x 96 x 7/8 inches

Letha Wilson

My artwork uses photographs and materials from the natural landscape as a starting point for interpretation and confrontation. The ability for a photograph to transport the viewer is both called upon, and questioned; sculptural intervention attempts to compensate for the photograph’s failure to encompass the physical site it represents. Landscape photography as a genre is approached with equal parts reverence and skepticism.

These photo-based works fold together urban and natural elements into a tenuous yet suggestive balance, each offering a new way of looking at the other. Materials such as concrete, lumber, and drywall are chosen for their dual nature as both natural element and urban signifier. The works similarly straddle both the plastic world of photography, and the natural spaces represented within them.

The photographs in my work have all been taken myself over the last ten years, often from trips in the American West surrounding my home state of Colorado. I shoot with a medium format film camera, and I use traditional darkroom printing to print my own color photographs. The hands-on relationship I have developed with photography allows me to further push its potential as sculptural material.

Letha Wilson’s (Brooklyn, NY) received her MFA from Hunter College in New York and also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Madison, ME. Represented by Higher Pictures in NYC, her work has been featured at the gallery as well as in solo and two person exhibitions at Light Work in Syracuse, NY, Galerie Christophe Gaillard in Paris, France and Brand New Gallery in Milan, Italy. Among many others, group exhibitions include Fixed Variable at Hauser & Wirth and What is a Photograph? at the International Center for Photography, both in NYC. Wilson has been an artist-in-residence at numerous programs, including at Headlands Center for the Arts and Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts.