Leigh LaBrake, "For Tim", 2008, pigment based ink jet print, edition 4/10, 15 x 10”

Leigh LaBrake, “For Tim”, 2008, pigment based ink jet print, edition 4/10, 15 x 10”

Leigh LaBraike

(SUNY Albany)

When I started this project, I originally wanted to focus on all of the un-photographed and quiet in-between moments of snowboarding, a sport known as “extreme”. However, as the project progressed, I focused on everything that snowboarding encompasses, including the fashion, the action, and the behind the scenes events. I realized that snowboarding was not just something simple to define; there are many levels to it. There are many exciting and thrilling moments, but at the same time there are many painful and heartbreaking moments. I wanted to try to express how snowboarding becomes more than a sport to those who participate in it, how it becomes a culture, and even more than that, how it becomes a way of life.

Leigh LaBrake is an undergraduate senior at SUNY Albany. She will be graduating this spring with a BA in Studio Art. Leigh is the Treasurer and co-Founder of Artist’s Cooperative in Albany, NY for which she organizes and runs events, exhibitions, workshops, and fundraisers. Leigh also creates photo and video work for Windham Mountain’s promotional brochures and website. As a student at SUNY Albany, she has worked as a Photo Lab Monitor.