Kyung Duk Kim, "Everyday Life (Lamp) #12", 2000, gsp

Kyung Duk Kim, “Everyday Life (Lamp) #12”, 2000, gsp

Kyung Duk Kim

Everyday – Lamp

In opaqueness I saw a vague figure like a dying fire.

After hovering long over the opaqueness,

I could recognize that the grim figure like a human being was my image.

The image reflected on the lamp,

However, was not my image I had imagined.

It looked too fragile, small and lonely

As if it was thrown away alone into the strange world of the lamp.

It was like that my spirit, getting out of me

And leaving my body there, was watching myself

On a monitor which had been set by someone else.

As getting dark, the reflected image on the lamp diminished and vanished into the darkness.

I myself was still existing there,

But my being on the lamp was gone.

It surely had existed, however, nothing was left at all.

The reflected image allowed me to touch the quintessence of life

And think of our human life again which stays on this small

Only for a while and then vanishes into the eternal darkness.

Born in South Korea, Kyung Duk Kim (Pusan, Korea) earned her BA in 1978 at the School of Arts, Chungang University. Her work has been shown across Korea in both solo and group shows and the Center for Photography at Woodstock is thrilled to be hosting her US debut. Her work is in the collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea and is featured in the books, Photography, The Road of Art, Noonbit, Seoul, Korea, 2006, and Living Furniture Achimmedia, Anyang, Korea, 2002. Her photography has been reviewed in The Monthly Photographic Magazine and by noted Korean art critics.