Kristopher Stallworth, "Periphery 2", 2007, gelatin silver print.

Kristopher Stallworth, “Periphery 2”, 2007, gelatin silver print.

Kristopher Stallworth

In late 2006 I started shooting black-and-white film again after years of mostly working in color. The focus of “Periphery” is an examination of the peripheral areas between the suburbs and the agricultural and industrial areas that surround them. These images are made either at night or at sunrise, using the headlights of my car to illuminate the scene. The use of my headlights limited the areas I could access by car and thus brought me to the edges of these shifting landscapes. The light transforms these familiar places highlighting insignificant details, while much of the area remains obscured in darkness.

California ’s Central Valley is one of the fastest growing areas in the country due to relatively affordable housing. The influx of people causes the edge of town to constantly shift, as new sub-divisions and industry spring up. In this group of images I hope to highlight the ongoing process of the transformation of this landscape.

Kristopher Stallworth (Bakersfield, CA) grew up in Linz, Austria before attending high school in Kansas. In 2004 he completed a MFA in photography at the University of Memphis and is currently is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Bakersfield College in California.