Google, Volume 1, by King Zog – Published by Jean Boîte Éditions, nov 2013 from David Desrimais on Vimeo.



Google, Volume I reproduces the first image shown by a Google Image search for every word in the dictionary. The collective King Zog used the Oxford English Pocket Dictionary and its 21,110 words as the basis for this project, which conceptually contrasts the definitiveness of a linguistic dictionary that is updated annually with Google’s definition of the most relevant image for a given word–which is, of course, in continual flux. Nonetheless, this volume ostensibly offers the most neutral basic reference for describing our world in visual terms. Retaining the conventional alphabetical structure of a dictionary, and listing all of the “source words” in an appendix, Google, Volume I is the first edition of a dictionary that will be updated with each new volume of the dictionary it is based upon. Only 300 copies are available in the United States.

KING ZOG is a Peckham, England based collective consisting of the artists Felix Heyes, Ben West, Jack Slee, Josh King. Four boys who do things including drawing and changing the world.