Kathleen Kenyon, "So We Say – July", 1984, Polaroid and collage, 20x24”.

Kathleen Kenyon, “So We Say – July”, 1984, Polaroid and collage, 20×24”.

Kathleen Kenyon

At age eight I made my first collage. It features a little man standing near a little woman. Her hat is made from blue cardboard with a red feather and his is made from silver board with cotton balls. Eyes are notebook binder reinforcements. Faces are created with red yarn. Costumes are gold and silver. The two are lined paper and in the space between them are the words in red crayon. Silly. Silly. I always have a doppelgänger in my art.

Kathleen Kenyon (Shady, NY) served as the director of creative programs at the Center for Photography at Woodstock from 1982 to 2003 and was the long time editor of PQ, beginning with issue #10 and overseeing its production through issue #85. Twin sister of Collen Kenyon, CPW’s long serving Executive Director, Kathleen graduated with a Masters of Fine Art degree in photography and printmaking from Indiana University and a Bachelors of Science with honors from Skidmore College. She taught at the University of Southern California and Bard College and has been a frequent lecturer, juror, panelist, and exhibitor. Her work has been published in Right Brain Left Brain Photography: The Art and Technique of 70 Modern Masters (Amphoto, 1994). Camera Arts published her 1999 article, “Get Your Pictures Out from Under the Bed and Into the World.” Kathleen is a freelance illustrator whose work has appeared in Esquire, Health, Ms., People, and The New York Times.