"Plot" from the series "Plex" 2011, Archival inkjet print, 45x40"

“Plot” from the series “Plex”
2011, Archival inkjet print, 45×40″

Jon-Phillip Sheridan

I use the act of folding as an entry point for an investigation of the material surface of the photographic print. The photograph is a virtual window, the print a veneer, an illusion of substance and depth embedded into the surface of a piece of paper. The images play on this contradiction as I “fold” a flat surface, be it paper or mirrors, into a three dimensional object and then, by photographing it, re-represent it as a flat surface. Folding is a process of complicating matter, and of introducing structure into the formless and undifferentiated. Un-folding is not the reverse of this process but rather is a type of opening up, a revelation of this complexity. These images are constantly shifting between the banality of their materiality and the spectacle of their illusion.

Jon-Phillip Sheridan (Richmond, VA), a 2011 Virginia Commonwealth University MFA recipient, has presented his work in solo exhibitions at Maryland Institute College of Art (Baltimore, MD), Virgina Museum of Fine Arts, and Anderson Gallery (both in Richmond, VA), among others. Selected group exhibition venues include Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, OR), LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph (Charlottesville, VA), and Heiner Contemporary (Miami, FL), among others. He received the editorial prize for Blurb’s Photography Book Now competition in 2009 and was a finalist for Review Santa Fe in 2010. Selected publications include Flak Photo and Hey Hot Shot. Phillip-Sheridan’s work is in the permanent collections of the Virginia Museum of Fine Art and the Federal Reserve Bank (both in Richmond, VA). He is a professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts.