Jackie Clark, from the "Seeing…" series, 2001, Gelatin Silver Print, 6x9".

Jackie Clark, from the “Seeing…” series, 2001, Gelatin Silver Print, 6×9″.

Jackie Clark

Seeing / and Not Seeing
After the heartbreaking events of September 11th, part of my process for coping with the shock involved going as close as I could to where the twin towers had once stood. I had to see what I knew was no longer there… seeing and yet not seeing. From each angle I tried to recreate the towers in my mind and put them back in their proper places.

As I lingered I began to notice the other people around me. This was the most tangible thing I could find so I turned my camera toward them. Perhaps because of our shared experience these faces most reflected my own feelings at the time. My companions in humanity were stunned and transfixed. This is what I photographed – their faces, their unguarded expressions of sorrow, anger, helplessness, resolve, and strength. These photographs were taken on September 23, 2001 on the perimeter of the former World Trade Center.

This Brooklyn resident has exhibited her work at the Spanish Mutual Aid Society, Atelier M&W, and the SOHO Festival for the Warts. In addition to being a photographer, Jackie Clark has also exhibited her paintings and was awarded the
“Recognition of Outstanding Excellence” from the Washington Building Congress for the restoration and replication of the decorative painting in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC. She has studied with Andrea Modica and David Laffel.