Henry Jacobsen, Green driver, NYC 2010, 2010 - Silhouette of my father, Brooklyn, NY 2011, 2011, Archival Pigment Print, 9 x 9"

Green driver, NYC 2010, 2010 – Silhouette of my father, Brooklyn, NY 2011, 2011, 2013, Archival Pigment Print, 9 x 9″

Henry Jacobson

Postcards Home is a personal photographic exploration of the transitory field created between the physical space of reality and the socially networked space of smartphone photography. Made over a three-year period of nomadic living, these images express an experiential reality designed to communicate rather than document. The photographs in this series were sent to loved ones from the device responsible for their creation, the iPhone, and each image reflects the soul of the device – the simulacra of reality created for the hyper-real, the instant shared space, as a representative extension of our internet avatar selves.

While they do record true (or physical) space-in-time, the abstraction of the individual image, and the pairing of images unrelated by location or chronology, imply a layering of realities – an experiential truth beyond the place and time of the decisive moment. Yes, the photographs in this collection share information about the time and place they were made, but they communicate the emotional and intellectual complexity of the photographer engaged with his medium that occurs behind the documented reality. These images are the questions asked and the answers sought, sent as a message in a bottle into the digital ether.

Henry Jacobson (New York / DC) is a photographer and filmmaker. He is a cinematographer, director and producer on many documentary films. He began his film career as a cinematographer on the award-winning documentary feature Fambul Tok. He has since shot, directed, and produced many documentary features, narrative and experimental shorts, music videos, and fashion films. Among these films are Folk, Truth in Translation, After the War, Sound and Vision, Brawley, and Persistence Hunt. His experimental and fashion work has garnered much attention, appearing in gallery exhibitions, photo and film festivals, and international web magazines. His still photography has been published and exhibited internationally. A partial list of publications includes The New York Times, Zink, Marie Claire Italy, GOOD, PDN, Visura, Hollywood Reporter, Untitled, and Filler among others. His first monograph, Postcards Home, was published by Daylight Books in 2013.