Gregory Van De Rostyne, "Tinkertoys", C-print and Polaroid transfers, 16x20".

Gregory Van De Rostyne, “Tinkertoys”, C-print and Polaroid transfers, 16×20″.

Gregory Van De Rostyne

The photographs in this show present a way of thinking about my family’s history and attempt to make visual sense of where I came from and who I am. Where I came from includes both the origin of my family and my geography. The methods used to produce this work are similar to the effects of the history and memory I explore – the clarity and meaning of the events and people, as originally photographed have acquired depth, complexity, and new meaning as time passes. Making the prints was like sifting through memories, family stories, and dreams. I was trying to decide what was based in reality and realize that the reality I was trying to recreate was and is too subjective to be pinned down by single photographs in separate frames. Thus I decided to mirror my feelings, aroused by the images, used in my process by layering them, and to include fragmentary maps and stream of consciousness writing into layers.

Gregory Van De Rostyne lives in Seattle, Washington. He received his MFA in sculpture from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and his BA from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. His work has been exhibited at the Lewis-Clark Center for Arts and History in Idaho, Exit Gallery in Nevada, Fremont Fine Arts in Washington, Barrett Art Center in New York, and the Art Center Galley in Oregon. He was awarded an artist-in-residence from the Vermont Studio Center and a Wahlert scholarship from Washington University. He has taught at Clatsop Community College at Astoria, Oregon, Washington University School of Art, and Webster University.