Grace Doherty, "Kevin at Door", 2007, C-Print, 16x20"

Grace Doherty, “Kevin at Door”, 2007, C-Print, 16×20″

Grace Doherty

This project, more than eight years in the making, began in 2001 when my cousin was expecting her first child, Katherine. As she and her husband evolved from a couple to a family, I photographed the changes – both positive and negative – that a child brings. At that time, the family was living with our elderly grandmother in a railroad flat in a row house in Brooklyn, which was over 100 years old and in serious disrepair. I explored the difficulties inherent in getting by with three generations, too little space and not enough money. The chaos level rose a year and a half later, when Katharine’s brother, Kevin, was born. In 2005, the family moved upstate to a house bought by my cousin’s parents, and my project expanded to include the family’s adjustment to rural life.

Grace Doherty graduated from Parsons School for Design in 2007 with a BFA in Photography. She works as a locations scout and assistant on movies and television shows with HBO/Bootleg Productions, Inc. Grace currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.