Glenn Glasser, "Untitled, 2006", gelatin silver print, 30x40"

Glenn Glasser, “Untitled, 2006″, gelatin silver print, 30×40”

Glenn Glasser

I’ve always been fascinated with the real. I try to create an environment where my subjects feel safe so that they can be documented as they are and given the freedom to play. My work is a demonstration of hope and proof of what is possible if we abandon fear and allow ourselves to live each day to its fullest.

Glenn Glasser was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania in 1973. He first became enchanted with photography on a 6th grade filed trip when he was suspended for documenting the truth or dare game being held in the back of the bus. He took up photography professionally after completing a degree in anthropology at Brown University. Glenn’s work has appeared in Town & Country, New York Magazine, Topic, Real Simple, and Prevention as well as in advertising campaigns for clients Rodale and Wal-Mart. He lives in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, New York with his Newfoundland mix, Yogi, and is represented by Radical Media.