Gerardo Repetto, Untitled, (French), from Family Portrait, 2005, C-print, Ed# 3/5

Gerardo Repetto, “Untitled, (French)”, from Family Portrait, 2005, C-print, Ed# 3/5

Gerardo Repetto

The genre of family portraiture was adopted early on within the medium of photography, which by it’s mechanical and reproductive nature, became largely more popular than the use of painting to represent family. Over the decades stylistic and formal patterns for the depiction of family and events became widely used.  

This installation seeks to go beyond appearances, physical features, and individualities to offer a group portrait that is homogenized in the union of blood itself. I trapped mosquitoes inside the bedrooms where my family had slept, flattened them to expose the blood they ingested, and created a portrait. 

The use of the mosquito as an agglutinative element introduces the element of uncertainty: who is portrayed? Is it the whole family, a few members, one, or maybe none of them?

The work allows us to examine what family means and questions photographic representation.

Gerardo Repetto (Cordoba, Argentina) graduated from the School of Applied Arts Lino Enea Spilimbergo in 1998. He has had solo exhibitions at the French Alliance Gallery in Buenos Aires, the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, and the Cultural Nucleus of the National University of Cordoba. Group exhibitions include those at the Recoleta Cultural Center of Buenos Aires, Spain – Cordoba CulturalCenter, Center of Contemporary Art Chateau Carreras in Cordoba, and BaroloPalace in Buenos Aires. At the XIII Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografía (Festival of Light Buenos Aires), he was awarded the Discovery prize for best portfolio and was granted a fellowship to participate in Fotofest’s 2006 International Meeting Place inHouston, TX. He has also received a photography fellowship from the Argentine National Art Fund for the Perfection of Artists and Writers from the Interior of the Country, the Biennial of Emergent Art prize organized by the Spain-Cordoba CulturalCenter, and the Stimulus Prize for Young Creators organized by the Government of the province of Cordoba.